My first four years of Motherhood. . .


Once you become a mom, your life officially changes! Not only does your lifestyle change(almost instantly) but I found that it changed me at my core! Almost instantly as well. There are so many circumstances in life that shape us into who we are, whether we are even aware at the time that it had! After I had my oldest son Grayson, I experienced something I had never felt previously! I've tried to explain it before, and it is like no other love your heart can feel! My first four years of Motherhood has changed me. Not only have I become more selfless, but patient. When you know you will do anything to protect them and surround them with love. I'm sure all you other Moms can relate! This love that I have never thought could be replicated twice, has grown even bigger since having my second little babe Cohen! Sometimes it's hard for a toddler to understand the different levels of attention a baby needs, but trying your best to prioritize your time between their different needs is super important. Having my second child when my first was 2 and a half of course worked for me. The age gap between our children works for us, because it is all we know! There are for sure different tasks and routines that change from having one to two kids. Having Cohen in December was a challenge, having to bundle two kids up before going anywhere. I am always late as it is, so if I had an appointment I would try to aim to start getting ready earlier, but getting used to what I needed to bring and then all the layers was something I had to practise. Then those days you are so proud that you are at best- on time, they poo! It never fails! Haha! 

I come from a family of 3 girls so not only is having boys a difference from what I have known growing up, but being the third child meant I have always wanted at least three kids! Jesse comes from a family of 6! There are times when I admire large families and want that, and others when I think having one or two kids means more freedom! Either way, God willing I think I have always been set on 3! Although some days, I am content with two!

 The one thing I miss before having kids, is being able to go wherever, whenever. Getting in and out of the car with two kids is not simple when they are young. I actually forget what it is like to get out of the car without worrying if I brought the stroller or how many stops I needed to make. You can't just run in and grab a coffee at Starbucks. You need to have drive thru's! Sometimes I wish every store had a drive thru!! How convenient, am I right Moms? That was the biggest life changer for me. Just a lot more time and muscle!!

Each time we go anywhere is different, but for the most part, it is a successful outing! I try to go after Cohen wakes up from his nap, and make sure I bring or give him things to occupy him. Grayson is used to some of our routines now, so he is usually a gem, but the odd days he can get a little frustrated, which I think we can all relate too! Sometimes I have to remind myself that he is still only four. 

 Motherhood is hard, to some it sounds exhausting, and some days it truly is! But it is so worth every tear, meltdown, breakdown, frustration, and in those moments when they actually teach us something.

I try to be a wife first, so although my kids are young and dependent on us, it's important to not forget both my husband and I have chosen this life together. Still taking time for each other is crucial in being a good mother/parent. Having support and understanding in what we do everyday, is life changing. I own my own makeup company, enjoy writing blogs when I can find the time, house keeper, most days chef, sister, daughter, friend, wife, & mother.  It's important to make sure there is down time to breathe. Sometimes trying to find the time to take a break, can feel overwhelming. There are never enough hours in the day being an adult, but making sure to find time is crucial in keeping our sanity! 8pm is the best time of the day! When I first became a Mom, I remember I would miss them after they went to bed. Then they would wake up and I soon wondered why I had! Haaa! I decided to just enjoy bedtime because the next day came quickly! When you are a parent, it's no longer about just you anymore. Always having to be aware of the needs of your child. They are so dependant on us that it really is a 24 hour job! Even when they are asleep, we are still needed. I never knew how motherhood would be, and now that I have been a Mother for four years, it is something truly magical. It is the most special thing I could have dreamed of experiencing! Of course I have days when I feel as I have failed as a Mother. Reminding myself that I have done my best and to learn from my moments of defeat. I don't know what I am doing some days, so figuring out how and where I can improve as a Mother is ongoing! I have learned also through being a mother that you need to stay true to yourself and to not forget about your hubby!

I love my husband more than my children, although it is a different love. Without him, they would not be. Enjoying all the little moments and ages because time truly does fly by! I believe God willing, we give our child the first breath of life, but really they give us ours!


For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mothers womb.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made, your works are wonderful,

I know that full well. πŸ’™β€οΈπŸ’™ Psalm 139:14


Thanks for stopping by,

-Alana Snoei πŸŽ€ xox