Staples for Spring


It's Offically spring and I am so ready for it! When you live in a four season world the transition from winter to spring can be a tricky one. With the ups and downs of the cooler to warmer temperature fluctuations it can be tough to know what type of outfit the day can bring. Knowing the trends for this spring to have in your closet can help you do this effortlessly. 

Here are the top 6️⃣ must haves that are trending this spring...



Great transition shoe into spring!  They go great with just about any outfit and are super comfy and easy to throw on!

🔹These ones & these are great 🔹



From vertical to horizontal, thick or thin, doesn't matter what your fashion style looks like, stripes will work great this season in your spring wardrobe. 

🔹Great striped shirt  and this classic & this skirt🔹


3️⃣Wide leg jeans/pants

These are making a strong comeback this season. Easy to pair with a feminine blouse or simple blazer and a pair of heels or loafers! A great staple for everyday or a night out with friends! 

🔹These ones are great & love these.🔹 


4️⃣Bomber jackets

Oversized or fitted, these are totally stylish with a fitted Jean and boot. Great transition for the rainy Spring weather and a lighter option as a jacket for a cooler day. 

🔹Love this & this one🔹


5️⃣White lace

From skirts to dresses of any length, or lace shorts, the romantic lace look is sure to be seen throughout this spring season. 

🔹These are great & love this🔹


6️⃣Coloured accessories  

There are tons of great colours trending this spring. From yellow pink and red, there are endless options you can add to your wardrobe.. You can add this in to your heels, crossover bag or any accesory! 

🔹Love these heels & this bag🔹


You can't go wrong with any of these great trends for spring! 

Happy shopping! 

Thanks for stopping by...😊  

This bomber jacket is from Forever 21!  

This bomber jacket is from Forever 21!  

-Alana Snoei xox