One of my favourite Soups for the winter months! ❄️

Eating the soup a day after cooking it, gives it the most flavour!!

Eating the soup a day after cooking it, gives it the most flavour!!

Soup is such a perfect meal for these winter months. I got this Potato Leek soup recipe from my mother in law after trying hers and loving it!  

Being gluten free, it was tough to find a soup that I could eat because they were always thickened with wheat! This soup is so great because it is thickened with potatoes!  

I wanted to share the recipe because it has 4 main ingredients, takes about an hour to make and everybody loves it!! 


Ingredients needed:

One bunch of leeks  

Half a celery stock

3 large potatoes

1 box of chicken stock  

2 cups of water

Salt and pepper

Sharp cheddar cheese (for garnish)


I always clean the leeks first, because they tend to have some dirt. Then slice them up thinly(not the dark green parts) and sauté them with some butter or olive oil. Then I slice up a few stems of celery and add them in the pan too. Once soft, add some garlic and sauté a bit longer. 

Then add a full box of chicken broth and about 2 cups of water(Just enough to cover the ingredients) into a seperate pot. Cut up 3 medium potatoes in thin slices. Add everything to the pot and keep it on a light boil for half hour 45 minutes! Add lots of salt and pepper! 

Once potatoes are soft, turn off burner. Once cooled, purée!! 

I like to eat mine the second day. Grate up some sharp cheddar cheese, and use as garnish before serving! As well, I always add a little more salt and pepper to my bowl! So simple and so tasty!!  

Let me know if you end up making it and how it tastes! Comfort food 101!!!


Thanks for stopping by!  

-Alana Snoei xox