Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals!

Since last year, online shopping has become a natural way for me to shop. Every since I realized the benefits of online shopping, Black Friday seems to be one of my favourite times to shop the sales! I love Black Friday shopping because it is at a time when you are usually investing in some new essentials and favourite pieces for fall! I usually find out about the sales, once they are over! It's always nice to know when a sale will be coming up and stock up all at once! 


Here are a few of my favourite online shops/in store Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals that you should definitely check out... (click on Pink Store names to check out their website directly from this page)



The Gap (online and in store)- 50% off!

I have always loved The Gap for some of the best quality and style for my 2 boys! When the sale is 50% off, you just can't go wrong! 

I already stocked up on some new pieces of clothing for G for this season, and with Cohen having quite a lot of choices from G's old wardrobe I didn't need many things this year. This black Friday I took advantage of the sale and got some great snow pants and boots for the snow, since he was in need of both and he will definitely get a lot of use for this season! 



LaSenza (in store)- 50% off!

I always like to purchase sleepwear and undergarments in person usually and so this Friday I took advantage of their 50% off the entire store and treated myself to some great new pieces of underwear and the softest ever, over the knee socks! Regular $9.95 and half off! You can never go wrong with a great sale like this one, especially when it is everyday items you can actually justify by saying you neeeeeeded it!


Loving Tan (online)- 20% off!

This is a product I pretty much only buy around this season! I highly recommend this product because you are able to achieve an amazing glow during those cold months where we could all use a little refresh! I usually buy the dark mousse because I can keep somewhat of a tan and so it doesn't look too unnatural during this time of year for me! I also purchased the glove to apply the mousse which I have heard is a life changer and I'm not sure how I have been without it this whole time! I highly recommend buying this product every Black Friday! 


ILYCouture (online)- 25% off! 

So probably one of my favourite places to shop for each holiday for the kids and I! This online shop was started by one of my favourite bloggers on Instagram! She deigns some awesome clothing and the material she uses is super soft and comfortable! Some of the pieces I have shared on my Instagram, from the 'BOY' t-shirts and sweaters, to birthday girl/boy, and this Friday I saved 25% on some great Holiday clothing for the boys and myself! I highly recommend checking out her site and investing in some super stylish pieces for everyday and every holiday! 


Goodnight macaroon (online)-40% off now!

This Friday was the first time I have purchased from this online company. I have only read and seen great reviews! I bought some super "needed" over the knee boots and I am so excited to have these delivered to my front door step!! 


I hope you all took advantage of some of your favourite Black Friday sales this year!!

And the best part is, it's a sale all weekend until Cyber Monday! Yay!

Happy shopping friends....

Thanks for stopping by!!

-Alana Snoei xox

A few items from my purchases!

A few items from my purchases!