7 amazing products for a 7 minute makeup look!

Giving yourself 7 minutes to do your makeup every morning may seem impossible, but with these 7 particular products, it is definitely not!  These 7 products make it easy to achieve a natural everyday look. Sometimes choosing to add some makeup in the morning just doesn't happen (especially if your a mom!) but when you can figure out the fastest way it makes it that much better!



1.Makeup For Ever HD foundation

2.Nars creamy concealer

3.Mac bronzer give me sun

4.Loreal voluminous mascara in blackest black

5.Anastasia brow wiz

6.Dusty Rose lipliner from Sally beauty

7.Revlon lipgloss in super natural


First I moisturize and prime always! This I usually incorporate right when I wake up!

I splash my face with cold water in the morning to close my pores(and wake me up, after turning on my pot of coffee) brush my teeth, then moisturize and prime before I even leave the washroom! You can keep these products in your washroom so you never forget to apply them!


1. I start with *Makeup Forever foundation all over my face. Always using my foundation brush. I don't add any to my neck, just slightly past my jawline.


2. Then I add *Nars Creamy concealer(in custard) under my eyes, in between my eyebrows and slightly overtop, down my nose, under my nose, under my bottom lip and a line above my jawline. Using my foundation brush again, I blend the concealer in only the spots I added it.


3. Then I add my favourite mascara by *Loreal Voluminous in blackest black. From the root up. At least 3 coats.


4. Then I fill in my brows with THE BEST (twist up<-- so key!)brow pencil by *Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz(in caramel) I must say, my brows always took a backseat when deciding what I had time to do each morning, but whatever you do, don't skip this step! I have realized and learned that brows truly make a difference in your finished makeup look! (Especially if you wear glasses) Fill them in the best you can, and remember less is more! You never want to make your eyebrows too dark!(This will make you look older!) If you are blonde- 2 shades darker, and if you are brunette- 2 shades lighter! I highly suggest getting your brows threaded from time to time(and tinted is always helpful too), to give them the proper shape for your face.


5. Then using my *E.L.F(eyes, lips,face) bronzer brush I add my *Mac cosmetics bronzer(in give me sun) to the hollows of my cheeks, temples and forehead. And while smiling, finish with the apples of my cheeks, and then whatever is left on the brush I bronze my neck and jawline. If you want to be brave and add a little bit to your nose, going back in with your foundation brush and blending down the bridge of your nose once more and on the sides of your nose! A 7 minute makeup routine doesn't really leave you much time to contour, so doing this little step with give you a very natural contoured nose!

6. Then I line my lips with my favourite natural colour lipliner from *Sally Beauty(in dusty rose)

7. Then blending it with MY FAVOURITE lipgloss by *Revlon super lustrous lipgloss(in super natural) I usually do 2 coats of lipgloss!


And Wullllla!! A fresh natural face you can take on any type of day with!


If you have a few minutes throughout the day I always suggest touching up your lips, as you tend to eat, talk and it just naturally will come off after the first application. Keeping colour in your lips brings colour to your face which is always something I (we all) tend to need!

I've also always been a concealer girl! It makes a huge difference in giving you nice brightness under your eye to help you not look as tired as you may be feeling that day! So if you want to refresh anything else throughout the day I would suggest adding a dab or two more of concealer as well!


If you already have products that do the same thing then use those, but I highly recommend every product listed above! I have tried a lot of different ones and find each of these products are the best when not wanting to spend all the time in the world on your makeup routine! You only need 2 brushes(which will change your life)and besides having to sharpen the lipliner pencil every few days, these specific products all make it quick and easy to help you look like you spent a lot more time then you actually did!


Let me know if you have any other products you find are time efficient when getting ready in the morning! When you look your best(even if it only took you seven minutes) it's a lot easier to feel your best!

Make the start to your week a quick and fresh one to set the mood for the rest of it!!!



Thanks for stopping by!

-Alana Snoei xox