10 style TRENDS for this Fall!!

1. PLAID- Dresses, shoes and scarves.  Plaid is great and everywhere right now! My favourite look, this long plaid dress(when pregnant) and when not pregnant, adding a plaid collared shirt around the waist. An outfit that is perfect for the Pumkin patch with the fam or friends!

My favs: This scarf  // This shirt //


2. HIGH WAISTLINES- They make your waist look tiny and your legs super long. Unfortunately when your pregnant this look is a little tricky. Popular in the 70s and they are definitely back in full swing! 

My fav: These jeans  //


3. FRINGE- This look can definitely be sexy but it can also be a little cowboyish, so sometimes hard to wear. My favourite way is on my shoes or even on my purse!!!

My favs: These boots //  These heels //


4. BIG JEWELLERY- Not really much of a jewellery girl, but I do love rings! I will definitely be rocking some cocktail ring bling and even my sparkly earrings from Kate Spade.

My favs: Earrings // These rings //


5. BUCKET BAGS- Bucket bags are everywhere right now. Another 70s trend! Practical, cute and easy to throw over your shoulder too! 

My fav: Love this one // 


6. VESTS- Could work for both a Fall & Winter look! There are a few different styles of vests. All big hits this fall. 

My fav: LOVE This vest// & this waistcoat //


7. SLIP ON SNEAKERS- These are a great match with jeans. Not your typical working out sneaker, but a great choice when busy all the while still being comfortable! 

My fav: These are great // And these //


8. FAUX FUR- Not sure how I feel about this look, but I have rocked faux fur in a scarf form and it was one of my favourite looks! Or even a vest! A touch of fur I like, but when it's a full coat, it can look like a little much!

My favs- This scarf I love //


9. LOAFERS- Another comfortable and cute option, that is a great look for Fall. Perfect for work or play! 

My favs: These loafers(come in tan too not shown)  


10. PONCHOS- A great way to be comfortable and cute! Not a look I will be rocking any time soon while being pregnant(doesn't really accentuate the bump well, resulting in looking larger than needed)- but a look I do enjoy!

My fav: Love this Cape// And this one//



There are so many great trends from season to season! You will definitely be seeing these Top 10 around! Hope everyone enjoys their long weekend!   


-Alana Snoei