Concealer is without a doubt, a MUST HAVE in my makeup bag. Concealer is just as important in my own routine, as it is on my clients. Everyone has shadows under their eyes, just some more than others. 

Not only do I have deep set eyes, but I tend to have more of a darker shadow as well. This has made me some what of an expert on what Concealers actual do the trick. 

Here are 3, in my opinion, that really help eleviate any type of darkness. 


NARS radiant creamy concealer-(Medium Coverage) My colour is called Custard.

TIP*-You always want to keep your concealer (different from your foundation) 1-2 shades lighter than your actual skin tone, to brighten up the eye area. 

This concealer is not only great by itself, but also a great touch up concealer! Not as heavy as some Concealers, but still gives great coverage.

TARTE Maracuja creaseless concealer(Full Coverage)- My colour is called Medium-Sand.

This concealer is definitely full coverage. 

I recommend using a concealer or liquid foundation brush to apply it, because it is somewhat thick. What I love about this concealer is that it is so soft and doesn't dry you out. TIP*- I would recommend when using this particular concealer, to set it with a powder. Because it is thick and moisturizing, I find if you don't set it, you can look a little oily. 

You don't have to use powder on your whole face, just in the spots you are applying the concealer. 

FACES COSMETICS Profix Concealer- (medium-full coverage) My colour is #651/#652 depending on my colouring at the time. This concealer is great because it is build-able! It gives amazing coverage and also another great touch up concealer. One of the best things about this concealer is that it comes in every colour for every skin type. Some Concealers only have so many shades to choose from which can make it difficult to find the right one. This brand is not available at Sephora unfortunately, but there are 3 locations in Mississauga & Toronto or you can order it online. TIP*- #600's are if you are a pink undertone. & 650's are for yellow undertones. 


Looking forward to sharing more of my favourite products & how to apply it all!

Thanks for stopping by! 

-Alana Snoei xox