Family Getaway


VACATIONS ARE THE BEST! Usually needed. We all need a little getaway from time to time!

Every year since I could remember, I have gone up to Sauble Beach, Ontario with my family. Which has since become a tradition Jesse and I have continued. This year it didn't work out for a few family members, who we would go with in the past, so we decided to still go away the same week but do it a little different. We planned to head to Tobermory, Ontario instead of Sauble Beach this year, with 2 other couples and their kids.

We rented a cottage, 6 adults, 6 kids under 4 and all of us moms due at the end of the year with one more each!!

It was a different type of vacation!  Sharing one cottage with 3 families makes for some interesting nap times, bed times, dinners and all around week! 

We started our vacation on the Saturday and met up with my parents for one night before meeting our friends on the Sunday. So we enjoyed our first night and day with them! 

When we got to Tobermory, Grayson was so excited to see his friends! The first hour we got to the cottage the kids were exploring after dinner. There were bunk beds of course and they had to test out the top. Grayson managed to take one too many steps towards the head board and jumped right on it. I watched it happen in front of my eyes and couldn't stop it! It was a deep cut, right above his eyebrow! I hate to see him in pain! I try not to be too protective of him but it makes it hard when he has been so accident prone lately! Not to mention a 2 year old boy! We headed to the emergency at 9pm and he had to get 3 stitches.(it was quite a deep cut) He was so brave, and the nurse and doctor were so sweet! It made me happy to know he would be okay! 

The rest of the week we went to the beach, hiked in Bruce Peninsula National Park, where we swam and enjoyed the sun. Went into town, out for dinner and ice cream, and enjoyed the amazing weather we had missed the past 2 years we went away. It was a lot of fun spent with some of our long time friends.

Hope everyone else is enjoying their summer with their family and friends too!

-Alana Snoei