Gender reveal...BOY or GIRL?? 🎩? πŸ‘‘?


Finding out the sex of your baby always gets mixed reviews! Everyone is so different.

I for one so far- have wanted to find out! (So has Jesse) And I absolutely love when other people do as well! 

Having Children is one of the greatest rewards! When I first found out I was pregnant with Grayson I was over the moon! I was so ready to start a family, and I was kind of hoping for a boy! 

I am a third child- of ALL GIRLS. And Jesse comes from a family of 5 BOYS and 1 GIRL! So pretty different dynamics! I have pictured myself with boys for the most part, but at the same time all I have known growing up was girls, and my poor father! ☺️ So I have wondered what mine and Jesse's family would consist of...

Finding out the sex of our first child, I had a feeling it would be a boy! This time around I never really had any feeling of what the sex was. I think at different points in time I have wanted every type of family dynamic. A boy and two twin girls, 3 boys, 2 boys and a girl, and boy, girl, boy! Literally all these would be awesome! 

The gender is definitely something I think about, but mainly the health of our babies is the top priority! 

This time, Jesse was unable to make it to my ultrasound appointment, but we still wanted to find out the gender together... So I told the ultrasound technican, if she was able to see the sex, if she could write it on a piece of paper and SEAL it in an envelope. My appointment was at 1pm and we didn't open it until about 630pm that night.

It was the longest 5 and a half hours! 

We wanted to do something fun for the gender reveal, so I got some ideas from Pinterest... If you know me, you know that I hate gum! But I loved this picture idea, so Jesse blew my bubble for me (I know gross to some of you)so we could take this photo! Haha 😊

Sooooo.. What do you guys think???

Scroll down and find out! 

Thanks for stopping by! 😘 

🎩 or πŸ‘‘?? 







The picture isn't of anything.. But this is what we opened!! 😍😍 

The picture isn't of anything.. But this is what we opened!! 😍😍 

Top one- Grayson...   Bottom one- His brother.  

Top one- Grayson... 

Bottom one- His brother.  

Cheers to being out numbered! Β πŸ’™πŸ’™

-Alana Snoei