A Mother's love.

Sometimes I try and remember what my life was like before Grayson.  It is so hard to do. Once you become a parent, (but mainly a Mom, Mumma, Mommy) your life is never the same.

I have a few nieces and nephews, and I remember loving them so much, that I knew I was ready to have a love like that for one of my own. I would do anything for this kid! The joy I get when I see him happy is like NO other feeling in the world!!

Today we went to the Niagara Outlets, where he put up with me "trying" to find some new summer clothes. Didn't work out for either of us. Before we knew it, it was dinner time, and we are similar in the fact that we become hangry(Angry when hungry) when we don't eat! We ate outside, and it wasn't very busy so we got the one patio to ourselves, which is always nice when you have a 2 year old who doesnt stop chatting! Haahaa. Seriously though! My mom says I talked a lot too! lol There is an awesome little play area at these outlets, so I figured since he shopped with me, I owed it to him to have some fun! He loved it!  Then we went home and enjoyed some Popsicles on the back deck! It was beautiful outside today, and we made the most out of it! A successful Wednesday for both of us!

At the end of this month, my little boy will be 2 years old! It is the truth when people say Time flies! Where did the last 2 years go? Being a mom, teaches you a lot, and for myself it sure has changed me a lot. He makes me a better person everyday! And although I am hoping to teach him a few things, he sure does the same for me!! Being a parent is not easy, but its days like today that I know I am the best Mom I can be!

I hope all you other Moms out there have an amazing Mothers Day Weekend!! I'm excited to see what Grayson has planned for me :) Thanks for stopping by!

-Alana Snoei.


SHIRT: Forever 21 // JEAN SHORTS: H&M // FLATS: Spring //  Grayson- SHIRT: Carters // SHORTS: Osh'Kosh// SHOES: Zara