Baby #2!!

10 weeks    &   12 week ultrasounds. 

10 weeks  

12 week ultrasounds. 

Today at the docs office, keeping him occupied with a bag of mini oreos!  

Today at the docs office, keeping him occupied with a bag of mini oreos!  


Baby #2 is on the way!!! We couldn't be more excited! I was actually really hoping it was twins,(some people totally understand and others think I'm crazy!) but I am the type of person that believes something will happen even if it's far fetched! (To a certain extent of course!) 

I mean naturally, I do believe anything is possible if you set your mind to it- or if you want it bad enough! I still even think the ultrasound technician may have missed one! Haha- Hey it happens! ☺️ 

I got to have another ultrasound today though, to see the heartbeat again and he or she was moving a lot in there! Active just like Grayson was! And it's for sure only one baby this time around!! 😊

Jesse and I couldn't be more excited! And Grayson is going to be an amazing older brother! He always says Hi to the "babies" when we are out anywhere, so I know he's ready to be a big brother! He understands what's going on for the most part as well! When we ask him if he wants a brother or a sister,(his answer always changes) he usually says whatever we say last. But today he got his own picture to hold from our doctor, and he said brother twice! And I even said sister last! 

A lot of people ask if I am going to find out what we are having, and I don't think I could ever wait the whole pregnancy! I like to plan ahead for the most part and be ready.. I've even read on a fellow bloggers page (amber fillerup) that they were able to find out through blood work! I find that so awesome! Which means you can technically know a lot sooner than the regular 18 week mark!

When I went today though, I asked my doctor and he said the government doesn't pay for it so it is very expensive and works best just to wait. So that's what we are going to do!

Which means we have about 4 weeks to wait! And we will be doing some sort of gender reveal for all of you! 

Even though you can't do all the same things when you are pregnant, I actually really enjoy the whole process! Towards the end I know I will be ready to meet our little boy or girl, but summer just started for the most part, and I want to enjoy it! So December we will see you soon! But as for now- take your time! ☺️

Thanks for all the love on my Instagram and Facebook post this past Sunday! Since it was both Grayson and I's Birthday, the whole fam thought it would be fitting to announce it that day since I was 3 months pregnant as well!! We appreciate your kind words and support on baby #2!!!! Thanks for stopping by... 😘😘 

-Alana Snoei

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