4 Year Anniversary


Where do I begin!? 4 years married is a pretty long time, and 10 years together is even longer! 

Me and my husband Jesse are "highschool sweethearts" as people would call it, although we went to different high schools.                                                                                                                         We met through friends, talked on msn, went on a blind date to the movies where we saw    "Saw 1!!!" That just tells you how long ago it was haha. We started dating, broke it off because I wasn't ready for a boyfriend (I was only 16) and then 4 months later I ended up seeing him again at a beach party and the rest is history! That day was Saturday APRIL 16th 2005. 

Now here we are 10 years later! 

We got married 4 years ago on April 7th in Punta Cana Dominican. Standing on white sand, the beautiful ocean in front of us, heat on our backs, hand in hand. 


My best friend pointed out that she was surprised how I was leading up to our wedding day. She said to me that she knew how much I loved Jesse because I didn't care who was there, I didn't care what the resort looked like(which I actually didn't see upon booking haha) She said she could tell that all I wanted was to be on a beach with Jesse, saying our vows. I hadn't even realized, until she said it, but that was really all I needed.

You sometimes don't realize who you are, until that right person comes a long. 

That person I committed myself to that day 7 years ago, has made me, and makes me better everyday! If you knew me before Jesse, and really know me now... I'm sure you can agree that I am a better version of myself! You either grow together or you grow a part...and we have chosen to grow together, through some of the most significant years of our lives.

I believe that love is a choice, not a feeling..

Once those butterflies go away you have to make that choice to love, because nobody is perfect!!

Just how God can love us, even in our sins. 

YES Jesse makes me crazy, but I KNOW I make him crazy too! That's the commitment we have made to one another. To love no matter what the circumstance. 


Just like Nicholas Sparks wrote, "It's not gonna be easy. It's going to be really, really hard; we're gonna have to work at this everyday, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever, everyday."

Yesterday we were too busy to celebrate, but today we decided to enjoy each others company, have a drink, an app and go and see a movie! Ironically when they ripped our tickets and told us it was in theatre number 1, we laughed, realizing it was the exact same theatre we sat in on our first date! 

All of these pleasures would not be the same without him!                                                               Happy 4 years to us, and Cheers to all you other lovebirds out there!                                          Thanks for reading! Happy Hump Day!

-Alana Snoei

Jacket & Hat: Aritzia // T-Shirt: Forever 21 // Jesse- Jacket: H&M // T-shirt:The Gap // Restaurant: The Keg Steakhouse & Bar

Wedding Dress: Maggie Sottero  // Grey Pants & White Collared Shirt: Le Chateau //