Eyebrow lovin'...

Eyebrows are a huge part of our face. 

For the past little while, I have had quite a love hate relationship with my brows.

I have been plucking for years. 

I "heard" if you pluck.. You should always pluck... And if you get them waxed, you should continue with that.

I was never sure what to do with my brows.

I used to wax them back in the day, but haven't in years. 

Then all of a sudden, I had started to hear about threading. 

At my makeup lessons, I touched upon how my beautiful model and best friends, eyebrows needed to be shaped, while filling them in. After explaining how important your brows are in shaping your face, we had gotten on the topic of getting them threaded. I was recommended to a lady in a small town close by, who does threading and tinting. 

I decided to go for it. Nervous and excited I made an appointment and never looked back. I needed to do something for my brows! 

Lying there I was so anxious.

When I sat up to look, I was literally SO HAPPY! I have NEVER seen my eyebrows look so good!

Check out my before and after.. 

Eyebrows- Before and After.  

Eyebrows- Before and After.  


My best friend Raiana decided to go for it too, considering she had never gotten hers done and figured it was time. 

Her before and after...

Eyebrows before. 

Eyebrows before. 

Threaded and tinted. 

Threaded and tinted. 

Do you see what a difference your eyebrows make?

I can not stress enough- if you haven't gotten them cleaned up, I highly recommend it.

It will make a world of a difference!

But remember... 


Thanks for stopping by! Happy Sunday.💜☀️ 

Here is the info, to my girl I used.. Her name is VG. Highly recommended.. 

-Alana Snoei