My Hunter Boots

Yesterday I bought my first pair of Hunter Boots!! I have wanted a pair of these boots since December of last year, and was overwhelmed with what colour to get! They don't just have your normal blue, they have 3 different awesome shades of blue to choose from! I went into The Boot Shop to find myself a funky colour that I could pair with some neutral clothing. Since it has been a little wet here lately, it was about that time to actually go and finally purchase some!


Of course I needed an opinion, so I told my best friend Raiana that I was going to finally buy these rubber boots that I have been talking about forever. Because we live so close to each other, and the mall, I sent her a quick text asking if she could pop by to give me her opinion. The best friend that she is, she made some time for me. She walks into the store where I am sitting there trying on one of the amazing blue shades pictured above, as well as the black, because lets be real, black is easy. The funny thing is that although I needed her opinion, we never agree. We have similar, yet very different styles, and laugh about it often.  She instantly said "Oh I would get the black, I don't like that blue, but I do like that other blue!" All I could do was laugh! And I instantly went from knowing, to having no idea!!


As you can see from the photos, I played it safe! I took her advice and I decided black is a lot more versatile, and I could always get a colour later down the road! I am not really a shoe person, I only have like 7 pairs!!! I am slowly building my shoe collection though, so I'm sure you will see a few more shoe blogs down the road!

I can officially say that Hunter Boots are now a part of my collection!!