My MUST HAVES for October🎃/November🍂 & December🎄

1. Dresses (being pregnant)

2.Over the knee boots

3. Lululemon pants / American eagle jegging jeans

4. Moisturizer and face wash by Orgins

5. Mac Bronzer

6. Tanning Lotion

7. Christmas pjs

So I am combining my must haves for October / November and December since I realized my wardrobe and makeup routine don't differ very much between these months...
1. First of all - Dresses are my favourite pieces of clothing right now. Although there are some pretty comfortable pairs of pants I have found for this last month of my pregnancy, I tend to choose the dress. I'm not sure if I would be loving them as much as I do right now, If I wasn't pregnant but this weather has been so nice they have worked out in my favour! Here are a few of my favourites ... This sweater dress is so comfy. And this turtleneck dress is one of my favs! 

2. Over the knee boots are stylish and warm! I feel taller in them, and they look great with skinny jeans and black tights. I think I may be treating myself to a pair of Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots this winter, but as for now these ones are doing the trick.

3. Well lulu lemon pants I have owned for a while now and this past week I have actually lived in them since I am at my wits end with this pregnancy! My boys never want to come out it seems, so now I only have so many options when it comes to clothing since I refuse to buy any new clothes at this point for winter! My super super stretch jeans are also another option if I need to switch up my pant routine!

4. I also came across a new face wash at Sephora by Orgins called checks and balances. It smells so fresh and actually takes off my makeup, which I find a lot of them don't always in one wash. I am a firm believer in washing your face every night, no matter how tired you are! So having a good face wash is a must-have every month for me! It's not overly expensive either and I matched it with an amazing moisturizer by Orgins as well called GinZing energy booster.

5. Loving tan is a new tanning mousse that I ordered online for these winter months to keep a healthy glow and feel a little less like I want to hibernate. It is such a nice way to keep a tan while not harming your skin! Another must have every year for these long winter months!

6. A bronzer is always in my makeup routine, but this one is a new must have for me. It's called 'give me sun' from Mac. It's not orange like some tend to be, and it's a great size, so you don't have to replace it every few months!

7. When December rolls around I start to feel more festive then usual, and go on the hunt for pjs for the whole fam! My favourite are the jegging style pjs, and when I came across these ones I knew they were the ones! I also found a great pair from LaSenza here that are another favourite I might end up buying so I have a few to wear throughout December! They are so comfy and I can't wait to share the boys pjs I found as well!

What are some of your must haves throughout the fall and winter months??
Happy December everybody! ❤️💙

Alana Snoei xox 

I will be wearing these ones on Christmas morning from  La Vie En Rose! 

I will be wearing these ones on Christmas morning from La Vie En Rose!