My list before the baby- FOR ME!




Once you bcome a mom, our kids require a lot of our time! I think a lot of moms have a "before the baby list", but I have a list that I have learned after having Grayson, that I wanted to do for me this time! After you have your baby you are filled with some much joy, but sometimes we don't remember to take care of us! How we can feel about ourselves can definitely become overshadowed with all of the emotions! We go through a lot! Extra flab, tired eyes, grannie panties, it can take a toll, not only on our body, but also on our self esteem!

So I came up with a list before the baby comes, FOR ME! 


EYEBROWS shaped threaded and tinted. Some people get their lashes done, but for me it's the eyebrows that make more sense! I love adding some simple subtle lash strips every now and again, so an appointment I make sure is on my list is my eyebrow appointment! It takes about 25 mins and they are brand new! 

Well as much as I would love to plan a nice SPRAY TAN about 2 days before labour, it's just not that easy to predict! So I have ordered a body self TANNING CREAM from loving tan! This self tanner I have heard nothing but great things, so I am looking forward to recieving mine in the mail soon 😊 It is November, so I am excited to getting some colour back to my face and body, while keeping my skin healthy too! 

I usually plan my HAIR APPOINTMENTS  around big events, so before this little guys birthday, it wouldn't be any different! My sister in law is my hair dresser and she is amazing! I decided to go ombrΓ© in the summer for a little bit for a subtle change, and I loved it. But I am slowly going back to my blonde blonde hair that I usually stick with(unless I'm pregnant I've learned). So many hormones happening, my sister in law reminded me that I only make a change when I am pregnant! Haaa! Makes sense I guess!  But I am ready to get back to blonde!!! Especially before our next bundle of joy makes his entrance! I am looking forward to less roots and a fresher look for my skin tone! 

Ok so call me crazy, but nobody wants to gain a ton of weight when they get pregnant. I learned the hard way with Grayson. This time I worked out(not hardcore by any means) and made much better decisions about what I have been eating! I have heard amazing things from different moms about trying a WAIST TRAINING BAND and so I am really looking forward to giving it a try! This is the one I ordered so I hope it works for me!

Yes all these things can be a little trivial to some people, but like I said I think it is so important to make some time for yourself because it will be very limited when caring for a newborn! This is a day all about the baby that we will remember forever, so I think it is great to do a few little things to help us feel good about ourselves afterwards! 😊 Hope all you Mummas out there do so as well!! 

Thanks for stopping by! 

-Alana Snoei xox