Zara Fashion Finds

You can never go wrong with a great deal at one of your favourite stores. Better yet, when the whole store is full of sales! I wanted to share some of my favourite pieces I found this week at Zara.


This black and copper striped shirt is not only flattering because the lines are vertical which create the illusion of length, but it is sheer and breathable! The collar, the pocket we’re just a few of the things that made me fall in love with it. Classic but different! 

These silver booties I snagged for $10! Shiny ankle boots that pair with any outfit! Also pictured below. 


So the floral on this and it’s elastic tight hugging material I love! This is actually a dress and didn’t manage to get a picture before I tried my pants over it. I love multi purpose pieces like this! And it’s grey, your seeing that right, I love that instead of white, and such comfortable material! Makes me feel like spring should be here soon! Haaa, hoping! 


Ok so this pant romper I actually thought was a dress when I brought it to the change room, so when I went to put it on and saw a leg I literally said out loud Yesssss! Haha! Not only does it have a vintage feel too it, but paired with the black lace and spaghetti straps is just a win all around for me! So excited about this purchase!!


This Red Tshirt is the softest, comfiest fit that every girl needs! Also red is a colour that is perfect for this month and suits just about every skin tone! You can never have enough tshirts in your closet either! One in every colour sounds about right! πŸ™‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ



Thanks for stopping by!  

-Alana Snoei πŸŽ€ xox